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Red Stag


red_stag_001Red deer are the most prolific deer species in New Zealand, and a Red Stag trophy is probably the most sought after of all the New Zealand trophies. Red deer traditionally inhabited the wide open spaces of the mountain areas throughout New Zealand, but due to heavy commercial hunting in the 70’s and 80’s, quickly adapted to inhabiting the bush and sub alpine areas. Now that commercial hunting of wild deer has changed considerably with the advent of deer farming, wild red deer can now be found throughout the length and breadth of New Zealand once again. Despite there being a healthy population of wild deer, Trophy Hunting Red Stag is still very demanding.


The prime time to obtain a Red Stag is in the rut, referred to the roar in New Zealand, and this is mid March through to the end of April. The stags become very vocal during the roar and are frequently encountered challenging each other for dominance. Hunting continues through the Autumn and in to the Winter. There is a wide variance in Red Stag hunting terrain, from heavily forested areas requiring good bush stalking skills, through to wide open tussocklands where patience and a good pair of binoculars are important.

Fallow Deer


fallow_buck_001Fallow Deer are the delightful park deer, frequently found in family groups around the bush edge. A mature Fallow Buck is not as big as a Red Stag, but with its paddle like palmated antlers, it is a welcome addition to many hunters trophy room's. There are several colour variations and the fallow rut is slightly later than the Red Stag - mid April through May. Fallow are not as common as the Red Deer and populations are more localised. NZ Backcountry Guides has negotiated access to several wild herds of Fallow as well as some top Game Estate hunting opportunities.

Sika Deer


Sika-001Sika deer were first introduced to New Zealand in the early 1900's, about the same time as many of our other big game species. Sika are only available in the North Island and NZ Backcountry Guides are able to offer some of the best sika stag Game Estate hunting in Lahar's Black Forest. The sika rut starts at the same time as the Red Stag roar, in late March, but continues longer than the Red Stag roar in to May and is a very vocal occasion. Sika stags typically have only 8 points [ 4x4 ] but often hunters are able to harvest large non typical stags of 10 points. Like tahr, many hunters hunt for sika because of their magnificent capes, and most of the stags harvested in Lahar's Black Forest are of the spotted Manchurian type.

Sika are a vocal deer, tolerant of regular and close human presence and farming activities. Because of these traits, hunters need patience and good bushstalking skills in order to harvest a stag amongst the native forest and manuka scrub of Lahar's black Forest. The terrain is mostly flat , with many grassy clearings and is based close to Mt Ruapehu, in the Central North Island.

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