Chamois Hunting

Chamois Hunting


chamois_002Chamois Hunting in New Zealand only takes place in the South Island. Chamois are the agile, alert mountain antelope frequently seen in the Swiss/Austrian Alps and were introduced in to New Zealand approximately 100 years ago in the Mount Cook Region of the Southern Alps. As an alpine animal they inhabit similar areas and terrain to the Bull Tahr, however they choose to live slightly lower in the mountains in more hospitable terrain, and are frequently seen in the in the sub alpine scrub above the beech forest, especially on the West Coast.

chamois_003Chamois are not as prolific as tahr and are usually found in smaller family groups. Mature bucks, the highly sought after trophy, will often wander great distances in search of suitable nannies. These animals are very alert and require not only good spotting skills, but also good stalking skills. But they tend to be very curious and the hunter is often able to use this curiosity to his advantage. Chamois can be hunted all year and have two distinct coats for the seasons.

thumb_chamois_004In summer their coats are shorter and bright ginger in colour, and in winter they change to a very striking black and white colouring with a distinctive silver dorsal stripe on the bucks. The best months for a summer chamois are January and February, and the best months for a winter trophy are May and June, just after the Red Stag roar.

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