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helifishing_004Heli-Fishing in New Zealand is an amazing experience. New Zealand has long been renowned for the number of helicopters and the use of them for accessing the backcountry. We are passionate about sight fishing in the more remote areas as it is a very rare occasion when another angler is encountered.


helifishing_002To add to this experience, we are able to utilise a helicopter to access some extremely remote, seldom fished backcountry rivers and streams, and high country tarns. Transport in and out of these areas is normally by a Hughes 500 helicopter. Because of the added cost of using a helicopter we usually make this a 2 or 3 day adventure. Accommodation whilst on a 2 or 3 day helifishing adventure is either one of the many backcountry huts located throughout the South Island, or tent camp. This ensures easy access to the river and gives you the maximum time on the water.


375-helifishingThere are various waters that we access by helicopter, but most are typical in that there are large rocky sections, exciting whitewater and pocket water fishing, and generally very large trout. Fly Fishing casting is not usually difficult but, because of the large size of the trout and demanding terrain, this adrenalin pumping fishing requires agile footwork and good rod skills.


Helifishing is often in areas in which we may encounter wild game and in New Zealand we are able to hunt all year round. If required, we are able to combine a helifishing_003fishing and hunting adventure in many areas, depending on the timing of your trip.


Check out our Heli-Fishing Packages and Prices, our Guided Fishing FAQs page or contact us for more information if you're looking for more information on our Heli-Fishing in New Zealand.

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